President's Message

Greetings, our Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I want to thank the Executive Committee for their hard work for MBCD and bring glory to Jesus Christ. MBCD and I are currently planning for our annual MBCD’s Conference on weekend, August 18-20, 2017 in Kansas City, Missouri. We will announce on our media networks and share our updated information.

 MBCD and I are looking forward to seeing all of you. You all please come and join us in celebrating what our blessed Lord has done for MBCD.

 MBCD will love to listen to your journey, life and faith stories through our Savior Jesus Christ and hope that you will join our Missouri Baptist Deaf Churches and Ministries. They will be happy to help your spiritual growth, song worships, fun fellowships and more studies from God's Words through our American Sign Language (ASL). 

Do you need information contacts or resource assistance or guides to our Missouri Baptist Deaf Churches and Ministries? They provide sign language interpreters, Deaf leaders, and Deaf teachers.

Clark Corogenes,
MBCD President

Welcome to MBCD!

We want to welcome you to the website of the Missouri Baptist Conference of the Deaf (MBDC).  We are making every effort to keep the website current and informative, and we hope that you find it interesting and helpful.  If you have any suggestion for improvement, please do not hesitate to tell us.  Remember that the main purpose of this website is to keep you informed of the MBCD.

Two of MBCD's most exciting events are the annual MBCD Conference and the Deaf Youth Camp (DYC).


Annual MBCD Conference

sampleThis is the annual gathering of the Missouri Baptists Deaf Churches and Ministries from all over the state and adjoining states at various locations within Missouri.  We make every effort to keep the Annual Conference very helpful to your spiritual growth, leadership training and fellowship skills through the guest speakers, workshops, activities and fellowships. To learn more about the Annual Conference, go to top menu and click on the "EVENTS" tab followed by clicking on the "Annual Retreat" tab.

Deaf Youth Camp

"My son] jumped off the bus from the Deaf Youth Camp and started signing to me nonstop! Yes, he knew some signs before he went, just enough to get by, but now he's carrying on a "normal" conversation. I had to hold back tears of joy when he said "Mom, I want to tell you a story they taught us" and he started signing to me: a Bible story in ASL. He was so proud of his ability and so am I!"

Deaf Youth Camp (DYC) is a ministry of Missouri Baptist Conference of the Deaf, an autonomous group that works in harmony with the Missouri Baptist Convention. The DYC is one its main ways of ministering to young people, many of whom may not have the background knowledge of faith and the Scripture that a hearing student might. The DYC is held two or three times a year.

In many ways it is different. The music in the chapel is very loud and very heavy on the bass, so campers can better feel the rhythm. Rap is a particularly favorite genre, because of its clear beat. And of course the camp pastor preaches using StoryOne in American Sign Language. There are inflatable games, swimming and smiles, but there is no shouting or yelling. Dinner is silent except for the sounds of 30-plus forks and knives on plates.


The MBCD normally sends out the MBCD Broadcaster, the newsletter of MBCD by e-mail. If you do not subscribe to the internet, you may ask for the newsletter be sent to you by mail. If you are not receiving the MBCD Broadcaster, by mail or e-mail, please contact the MBCD Newsletter Editor.

Donations For DYC
Are Welcome

The DYC is funded by Christians committed to reaching the deaf of the next generation. There are no special endowments or grants supporting this ministry. Recent years have been especially difficult, both in finding campers and funding, due to competing secular deaf camp experiences. Donations may be sent to Mary Burgesen, MBCD Treasurer, at the business address listed below.